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TomTom Rider
Since I've been on a GPS kick lately, I thought I'd post about this new product from TomTom, makers of the TomTom Go (an car GPS unit) and GPS software for PalmOS and PocketPC devices (I reviewed the PalmOS version here).  I've never ridden a motorcycle and so can't imagine taking my eyes and attention off the road at all, let alone my hands off the handle bars!  And then you have the whole issue of whether a motorcycle GPS is kind of an oxymoron.  The people I know who ride motorcycles seem to do so as an adventurous weekend activity, letting the wind take them where it will.  How does knowing exactly where you are and where you're going fit in?  But, as I said, I'm no aficionado, so maybe this would be very useful to riders everywhere.  It's waterproofed, has an anti-glare screen (one of the issues that the TomTom Go has is glare), and it can communicate with Bluetooth headsets so that you can hear the voice prompts that tell you where to turn.  It will be available this summer.

Via Gadgetry Blog

posted Thursday, 10 March 2005

A visitor made this comment,
One nice use for GPS is that motorcycle speedometers are notoriously inaccurate (specifically, they are increasingly optimistic as you reach the upper range of the speedo). To get a proper gauge of your bike's top speed, GPS is required. A lot of n00b/egotistical riders will insist they've actually done "190mph" on their bikes, but in reality, with most modern bikes, 190 is more likely to be 170 (which is still insanely fast for anyone but the most skilled riders in a controlled environment).


comment added :: 13th March 2005, 13:17 GMT-05
A visitor made this comment,
"The people I know who ride motorcycles seem to do so as an adventurous weekend activity, letting the wind take them where it will. How does knowing exactly where you are and where you're going fit in"

I ride a bike all the time..You're right, some times you just have to go for a spin anywhere, but other times you need to travel for work all over the country, And its bloody hard trying to read a map while you're on the motorway or twisting the head 180 degrees to look down on the pillion seat at a wet soggy map.
Yes you could stop, get the map out of the topcase...pop it back for a few miles....stop, get the map out of the topcase...etc but this looks 100 times easier...

Have a good one

Dan [[email protected]]

comment added :: 30th March 2005, 14:00 GMT-05
GizmoStu made this comment,
I've been waiting for this baby for months and it's getting close. The usual "Pre-Order" price is £599 which seems a bit steep but when you see what you get it's actually a pretty good deal. Being able to easily navigate with clear directions and also take/make calls on your mobile phone hands free on the bike is a bonus. I know it goes against the spirit of riding a bit, but in the real world it's damn useful. The bluetooth compatibility is also great if you wish to use it in a car with a bluetooth equipped headset or audio system. I can't wait to get mine! Happy Riding :o)
comment added :: 16th August 2005, 07:17 GMT-05
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