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Blog City the next Flickr?
Ever since I got my first camera phone three years ago, I've been intrigued with the idea of "moblogging." Moblogging really just refers to blogging from a mobile phone, whether that's just text or text and images. Normally this happens via an email that you send either with or without an image attachment. There are various sites out there that are more about image posting (whether they be from mobile phone or your computer) than about blogging per se – sites like Flickr, textamerica, Buzznet, or SplashBlog. Being primarily about photos, though, means that they don't have the huge swath of features or flexibility that a normal blog hosting service or stand-alone blog software has.

Despite being a web developer by profession, I chose to use a blog hosting service because I didn't want to deal with all the headaches that accompany customizing code, getting it to work the way you want, etc. At this point of my life, coding is a means of support, not a hobby. I have a lot of other things demanding my time and don't want to spend loads of time coding when I can pay a couple of bucks a month and have someone else do most of it for me. This is why I chose Blog City as my blog host.

When I initially started blogging over two years ago, I researched the various companies that did this and found Blog City (or BC as we sometimes call it) to be hands down the best. Not only did it have more features than the others, but also it had a great team of very dedicated developers who were excited about coding and about making BC the best place for blogging it could be. Advanced users like myself can get under the hood and do some customizing of styles, etc., but you can know nothing about code and still make a blog that's individual to your tastes. To my knowledge, these advantages still exist today.

Back to moblogging. BC has had a type of moblogging for a while now – at least a year or maybe more. You could email a special address with a message and it would be posted as a blog entry. The problem was that this was a text-only affair. BC also had the ability to send an email with a photo attachment and this would get sent to your BC photo album. But they did not put the two together like they do on the moblogging sites where you can send an email with text and images and have them all show up together as one blog entry.

Until now, that is! They've just created this new functionality that I've been waiting for for a while. Now I can truly make this blog a photoblog and a moblog in addition to it being a techblog and health/nutrition-blog. Then again, I may reserve a good deal of photo moblogging for another blog that I've just started which will be dedicated to my family's personal life for family and friends. In any case, I did think it was worthy posting about this here because there may be some of you out there who are using one of these moblogging sites and would like a beefier set of blogging tools or to combine your already regular blogging activities with your moblogging ones.

posted Sunday, 21 August 2005

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