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Hmmm, these free gadget referral sites are a bit addictive.  After signing up for a Mac Mini, I thought of the one other gadget that I would a) love to have, and  b) is a bit pricier than I can justify just buying it because it looks cool – really just being able to justify spending hundreds of bucks on something that doesn't have a huge practical benefit.  There are gadgets of course that I plan to be getting in the next six months, but a lot of others that I would love to have but just can't consider because I don't have that kind of disposable income anymore. 

So, in any case, that one product category for me is a Personal Media Player.   I've talked about these a lot here before and have been keeping my eyes open to see which ones look like they are good bets.  The problem is that most of these are in the $400-600 price range and there are just so damn many of them these days.  I looked on the web for some free offers and found another site called PVPs4Free, which specializes in Personal Media Players (or I guess as they have termed them “Personal Video Players”).  They only offer a few of these, but doing a bit of searching, I found a round up on Cnet which steered me towards one of these, the Archos AV420.

PVPs4Free works basically the way the FreeMacMinis site works.  You sign up yourself, complete one offer, than refer 10 friends.   Luckily, this site included a decent number more offers than does FreeMacMinis, and a lot of them are different offers as well.  While again many look a bit scammy, plenty are for legitimate subscriptions to newspapers, services like Blockbuster, AOL, etc.  They even have a link to sign up for Vonage VOIP, so if you were considering doing this anyway, here's a way to have it count potentially for something else.  Sirius Satellite Radio is also here, as is Dish Satellite TV, and a bunch more.  It just so happens that my mom needed internet access so I was able to sign her up for a cheapo account at NetZero.  The one downside to this site over the FreMacMinis is that it takes up to a week to be credited for this offer.  But since I don't expect to get the Archos for months, it's no big deal.

So, again, here's my referral code and others are free to post a comment with their own:

posted Friday, 21 January 2005

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