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Ever since Google Maps came out, I've been using it and talking about it here.  I love maps and GPS, and Google has allowed others to integrate with their mapping services via an open application program interface (API).  The first integration that I came across that really impressed me was the one where someone integrated the real-estate classifieds on Craig's list –

Now another developer has created a way for site owners or groups to set up their own map and allow people (visitors, readers, members) to populate it.  It's called "Frappr" and I've set up my own map that you can access via the button on the right or via the one right here:

Check out our Frappr!

 So if you do read my blog on occasion, or even if you're a one-time reader, I'd love to know who's reading from where.  You can even enter general comments or post an image in your entry.

Frappr is similar in ways to a service that I used to have on my site from Bravenet, but they wanted a chunk of money every month for it, otherwise it was surrounded by ads and pop-ups.  Frappr is free and has all of one set of inconspicuous Google Adsense ad.  If you're a site or online group owner, this is a great way to see where your members or visitors are from, but they do have to actually go and fill in some information – it's not automatic based on visitor logs or such.

posted Tuesday, 8 November 2005

Meredith made this comment,
Woo, good to hear from you! I put myself on your map. I think Bravenet Guestmap still dominates but Frappr is SO much better (though not ad-free).
comment added :: 21st November 2005, 15:25 GMT-05 ::
Levi Wallach made this comment,
Hey there. Thanks for the shoutout! I hadn't posted myself because I accidentally uploaded the wrong image for myself and then couldn't change it. I finally went back to the map today and saw that they had implemented a better profile system and so was able to change it and then posted. I still find it a bit slow, especially when a map has a ton of pins on it, but so it goes, I guess...
comment added :: 21st November 2005, 21:54 GMT-05 :: http//
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